Latest Projects

I Think You’ve Been Looking for Me

Score for the medium-length documentary “I Think You’ve Been Looking for Me.” Commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Produced by Bunbury Films. Directed by Kacim Steets. (in post-production)

Minimalist classical piece for piano and viola. Composition and production.

Expansion and development of a selection from the Hectarium web-documentary. Composition and arrangement. In collaboration with mix artist Tim Gowdy at Breakglass Studio

Original music for for the animation film “Dilemma” by Marco Rivera. Jazz big band. Produced by Charley Finlay. Recorded at Sheridan College M.A.S.S.I.V.E.

Original Score for the short fiction film “Saint-F*ck.” Produced by Axel Laramée and Maxime Dumontier

Original Score for the documentary web-series “Hectarium.” Produced by Makila. Directed by Diego Briceno-Orduz. You can watch Hectarium on facebook

Original Score for “Silvia dans les Vagues” by Giovana Olmos. Composition, guitar arrangement and production. Performed by Réné Portillo, nylon string guitar

Original Score for the short fiction film “Days of Eva.” Produced by Telescope Films. Directed by Vincent Réné-Lortie

Music arranger for “El Rastro de Camilo.” Vocal sung by Isis Giraldo. Produced by Senal Columbia. Directed by Diego Briceno-Orduz

Composition and arrangement of this song collaboration with Laura Kosterski. Sharon Rusu, Lyrics. Laura Kosterski, Lyrics. Mix by Tim Gowdy.

Composition, arrangement for jazz organ trio. Mike Rud, guitar. Adam Daudrich, organ, Marc Béland, drums. Recording by Andrés Vial at Chromatic Audio, Mix by Tim Gowdy.

Composition and arrangement for jazz trio. Kyle Morin, bass. Marc Béland, drums. Video by Randy Cole. 2nd camera: Josh Hansen

Commission for the Kelly Craig Sextet. Composition, arrangement, and music production.