October 5
Looking forward to composing for "I think You've Been Looking for Me," a documentary by Kacim Steets. Produced by Bunbury Films for CBC Firsthand
July 10
Composer Nicholas Schnier asked me to overdub some piano on a track for on the television series "Rebels," (fiction) taking place during the Cuban Revolution. Nicholas is an incredible writer and music producer and it was a pleasure to do this.
February 25
Two films I wrote music for are at the Rendez-Vous du Cinema Québecois. DAYS of EVA, a Sci-Fi piece by Vincent Réné-Lortie, and SAINT-F*CK, a drama by Axel Laramée.
February 22
Pleased to announce that I will be working on a the music for “Thing Explainer,” Animations. Twelve animations narrated in Author Randall Munroe's unique language. In collaboration with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and animator André Navarre.
September 29
Silvia dans les Vagues (dir. Giovana Olmos) was selected for the Independent Film Festival of Bordeaux. A beautiful film exploring gender transformation and death. It was inspiring to score its rich underwater symbols.
January 1
I’m excited to be developing the music for Poggles Math Expressions Games, by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


November 30
Just starting to work on the music for an interactive documentary called "Hectarium." The project is about how to re-think land-use, farming, and agriculture. Developed by Makila.
June 1
I am working with Axel Laramée on his short film SAINT-F*CK. The sonic template of the score is lake country, guitars, dark woody synths and features a song by Strand of Oaks. Axel also composed a great guitar and voice piece for this!
April 16
Director Duncan McDowall asked me to score a short documentary about Montreal piano craftsman Louis Lovsin. Naturally, it features a lot of solo piano, which I love! It is produced for CBC Exhibitionists by Stephanie Matteis.
25 February
I was selected to participate in the Rencontres du Cinéma Quebecois this year.
15 January
Happy New Year! I arranged “Cruz de Luz” ("The Cross of Light") for EL RASTRO de CAMILO  airing on Senal Columbia in February. The film updates the story of Camilo Torres, a key figure in Columbian history.


10 December
Last week I received Canadian Screen Composer's Guild mentorship from Nicholas Schnier. What an amazing composer and collaobrator. Thanks to the SCGC!
August 30
Finalized some great recordings with Emma Frank (vocals). A collaboration with Laura Kosterski.