So, my friend Marc is an incredible thinker, artist, conversationalist, with impeccable taste. He also has a knack for bringing people together. That, and Montreal is a small place! So, one day he introduced me to an upright bassist bassist and we all jammed together a bit in Marc’s loft space. She told us that she was going into the Mel Oppenheim School of Cinema. Around a year later, she got word that I had been doing some music production for film, and she put me in touch with a fellow student Vincent Réné-Lortie, who was in post-production for “Days of Eva,” a sci-fi short. This was a pretty unique film, I was later told, because the school had not seen anything sci-fi in a long time. Under the surface of the obviously limited budget, I saw vision in his work, which inspired me to get into the cracks of the film, aiming for a sound-design-y approach. He had clear ideas of what he wanted and where. He was inspired by “Ex-Machina.” Anyway, it all came together rather quickly. We did two spotting sessions, and a few edits and voilà we had a score.

I think it really came together when Vid Cousins did the audio post-production. The film did really well… amazingly well for Vincent’s first film, and it was nominated for three awards at the school’s own film fest, among them sound., and was featured in les Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Quebecois.