Hectarium is a brain-child of Creator / Director Diego Briceno-Orduz. It deals with farming, land-use, agriculture, and expresses the challenges that we face as a humanity.

This is the first interactive-media project I have been involved with. Basically, I was asked to score 11 short films, plus a trailer. The films help you to understand the different options that you have as a user. I concentrated on creating short effective pieces. I did not score anything for the interactive interface, although there was some talk of it, for which I created a loop. The project was also released as a short film and is slated for release as a feature length documentary.

This concept was put together by a couple of teams. The film side was Makila.tv. The application technology side was Pliab. Diego went to the Banff Centre for innovative media technology to develop the interface side. I happened to be passing through on my way to Kelowna, so I was able to meet him there. We visited the centre then went out for dinner.

A few months later it was crunch time. I worked with Jesse Freeston who was in charge of editing, and I was lucky to get sound recordist and mix engineer Réné Portillo to record Cuatro (an instrument native to Columbia and Venezuela) for two of the episodes. That was super cool.