Ok so a friend put me in the running for this project at Houghton Mifflin and Harcourt here in Montreal. I submitted a demo, and got the contract to do music and sound design for this set of children’s math learning games.

I met with the design team and I was quite surprised to see that the contract said that I could not use any samples from any libraries at all. Which was weird. So you would think that I would just go ahead and create every single sound and record every instrument live. And if I were a brilliant percussionist and sound designer and foley person, then yes, I would have done that. Instead, we clarified the contract! Ha

So once that was cleared up, I worked with the design team to get references that might work across several different concepts for this game including a play on/ play off song for game play and a menu theme. Finally settling on a percussion-based piece that could be used for both the game intros and the game menu. Then came the win and lose jingles, then the sound fx.