I am really lucky to know Diego Briceno-Orduz, Columbian-born filmmaker, documentary specialist, now residing in Montréal. I met him because I taught his daughter piano, and I asked if he was looking for someone to do the score for “El Rastro de Camilo”. He  had found a composer already but asked that I re-arrange “Cruz de Luz” by Daniel Viglietti. The song is famous in Columbia, but because the film updates the story of Camilo Torres, he wanted a new version..

The film “El Rastro de Camillo” (The Path of Camillo) was scheduled to broadcast on Senal Columbia in February 2016, prime-time, at a period in which the country was changing, and ready to re-consider the story of a controversial figure Camilo Torres, who was accused of being a Guerilla and whose story was obscured for political reasons.

I developed 2 versions of the song for the film, one with solo piano and voice, the other with a full rock instrumental and vocal harmony backing.  Some people have told me that the latter sounds like “Hotel California!”

I was equally lucky to get Isis Giraldo (another Columbian artist who performs under the name “Chiquita Magic”) to sing this. And- she did it on the day before she was to go to Columbia! You can listen to the version in the film here, played during the credits with a drone shot over the city. I love the lyrics. The last line is very touching and inspired me to highlight its meaning musically. Diego later told me that while he showed the film in numerous venues in Columbia, the last line brought tears to the eyes of the audience.